Marché de Shédiac, Allée des Artistes 2010

October 4, 2010 at 6:03 PM (Art happenings)

Shédiac was bustling for me this summer. First with the residency, then the Shediac Market every Sunday and the Alley of Artists every Thursday. Things went ultimately well; I had good days and not so good days. The response was overwhelming with positive feedback but the sales weren’t always finalized. People seem to love my work but many say my aprons are too beautiful to wear, which makes absolutely no sense to me, as I believe we should always look fabulous! No matter what the context, event or daily doing.

Of course it’s put a dent in my creative flow for I wonder if they are not right. Perhaps I should go another route. Yet the clientele that does buy from me tells me otherwise. That there is a market for my work, I just need to target it and develop other lines for the mass who could do with something else ‘too’ beautiful. I’ve also had a lot of demand for clothing, mainly skirts and dresses, which I have begun to develop, especially with the inspiration I got from my trip to Quebec City last week.

After a month off, pondering and rummaging around in my mind, I am finally getting back on track and getting the business back in motion. Stay tuned for new products and a busy fall and winter. 🙂


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