Artist(e) en/in Residence Maison Pascal Poirier, Shédiac NB

June 16, 2010 at 8:08 PM (Art happenings)

During the week of July 4th (Sunday) through the 10th (Saturday) between 11h am and 7pm, I will be Artist in Residence at La Maison Pascal Poirier in Sédiac NB. A relatively new place where artisans can showcase their work. I’m really excited about this, even though it doesn’t pay. It is my first residency and I am anxious to experience this new, well experience! Plus it will be during a bustling tourist season. I will get to meet hundreds of people hopefully and make new friends and contacts. Thanks daddy for bringing this place to my attention 🙂


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Entrevue Radio Canada – June 8th 2010

June 16, 2010 at 6:58 PM (Art happenings)

J’aimerais retourner en arrière et refaire mon entrevue. J’avais tellement de chose intéréssantes à dire mais elles n’ont tout simplement pas sorties. Oh well. C’est un bon début quand meme pis c’a m’a donner beaucoup d”exposure”. Maintenant si je peux poigner l’attention de Trudy Gallagher de Fashion East-Ah sur Rogers et de CBC je serai all set!…Et tant qu’a y etre, pourquoi pas arreter faire un tour voir Georgie sur The Hour? Heehee!

I wish I could go back and redo this interview. I had more interesting things to say but they simply didn’t come out! Oh well. It’s a good start though and it gave me a lot of exposure! Now if I could only land an interview with Trudy Gallagher of Fashion East-Ah! on Rogers and the CBC… 😉 I’d be all set! While we’re at it, why not make a pit stop to see Georgie on the Hour! Heehee!

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